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Fanta • It's a Thing


This is a BTL (Below The Line) takedown from ALT (Above The Line) Brand campaign assets.
Due to new Shopper headlines being developed this job required
 lettering design as some of the original Brand headlines were illustrated, i.e. not actual working fonts. As the sole Art Director on this, it had many working parts and pieces for each flavor breakout and I specifically show this work because I feel it's important to highlight my capability to work with AORs (Agency of Record), their assets (or lack thereof), and maintain their overall campaign vision down to the Shopper level. This all required a streamlined work process, detailed organization, and clean files to hand off to the Studio. 

Deliverables: Variety of
 In-Store POS broken out into flavors, large format flat files using given die-lines, plus 3D mockups for client approval. Also Amazon brand page digital elements.

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