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Recruiter, Creative, Maker, and Entrepreneur, based in Chicago with 20+ years of experience in agencies of all sizes, corporate in-house, and small design boutiques.

I Believe In

• Building diverse teams
• Collaborating & working well with others

• Personal humility

• Mindful meetings & interactions amongst team members and candidates 

• An ego-less atmosphere to provide the best possible solutions for every need 

• Treating others how you would want to be treated

How I Think

An always curious and lifelong learner, I approach my day-to-day with active listening, observing, and open communication which leads to effective and timely results. At the end of the day, it’s about collectively helping teams and candidates in need, growing relationships that lead to positive company culture, and simply being a good person.
I achieve the above by inspiring others, educating along the way, and always striving
to make a positive change.

When I'm not coming up with a novel idea or concept to solve a client problem, you can find me teaching my daughter the creative ropes, Aztec dancing, or exploring all of the sights, sounds, and food of Chicago.


Creative Recruiting

Conceptual Creative
Creative Strategy

Integrated Campaigns

B2B & B2C

Direct Marketing

Multicultural/Hispanic Marketing

Shopper & Promotional Marketing

Social Media Campaigns
Cause/Philanthropic Marketing


LinkedIn Recruiter
Environmental & Experiential Design 

Final Art Production

Illustration & Retouching

Package Design

Trade Show Design

UX Prototyping/UI Design

General Video Editing

Fashion Design 

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